Ferienwiese Weißbach

In Summer 2020 I painted this mural for Ferienwiese Weißbach in Salzburg, Austria. It’s a special place for me as I spent two summers there working as a Whitewater Raft Guide. So I was more than happy to give the new dining room a unique coat of paint.

The Cannon Beach Wall

I officially started my YouTube channel. It had been existent for quite some time but I hadn’t uploaded in years.So here is to new beginnings! A few years back we did a month long road trip down the US west coast in our 30-year-old motorhome. To me that was a lasting experience.One stop along the…

Utility Station Artwork

I had the pleasure to turn three sides of this grey and dirty utility station in Freckenhorst into a real eye-catcher.It features the local castle surrounded by a lot of nature.


Being a mural artist you’re constantly in the search for places to paint. While an oil painter needs a canvas to get startet, the mural painter will have to find himself a wall. As a commissioned artist I don’t have to worry about that. The client provides the wall – I paint it. But when…

E-Bus Charging Station

With more and more electric buses running daily in Münster, there will be an increased amount of charging stations scattered across the city and its districts. This one was set up in Münster-Coerde just a few weeks earlier when I was commissioned to paint one of my nature themes on it. Additionally I was asked…