Painting Dogs Is Satisfying

Yesterday I painted one of my favourite electricity commissions so far.

Even though very hot, the weather was amazing. I brought the tent my dad giftet me for my birthday this spring.
Back then I was sure I wouldn’t take the time to set it up for painting ever. I thought I might occasionally use it as an emergency roof to protect unfinished work from being destroyed.
But as it turned out yesterday, it is perfect to protect me from the sun as well. It is just so much easier to work in the shade.
So thanks for that, old man!

I got to paint a beautiful German Shepherd. And I must say I enjoyed that very much.
There is something about painting dogs that is so satisfying.
As someone who paints human portraits a lot, I know that little mistakes in anatomy can make the whole painting seem somewhat off. Maybe mistakes aren’t that obvious when painting dogs, which would result in a potentially less frustrating painting experience. Who knows…

The residents who commissioned me (owners of a German Shepherd themselves), were extremely happy about how it turned out. I even got invited into their backyard for a cold beverage afterwords.

You know, being paid for making art is one thing. But seeing someone so euphoric and happy about my work is priceless.
That’s why I do what I do.

As per usual these days, I filmed the process and will make a YouTube video out of it as soon as possible.

Nick Moody painting German Shepherd on Electricity Box
Nick Moody painting German Shepherd on Electricity Box

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